Gaia "the experienced"


Gaia, born in 2004, is the most experienced of our four donkeys. Used to hike with Elvir, she has been developing a particularly strong link with him. We let our children play with her without any fear. You will discover that she’s got some temper and she will quickly know how to make you understand that some good food makes her always happy.

Nano "the enthusiast"


Nano, born in 2008, is the son of Gaia. As soon as he was two weeks old, he went hiking with us for two month! Nano is the strongest and the cuddliest. Don’t be surprised if his very enthusiastic character makes him sometimes look a bit…wild!

Lola "the shy one"


Born in 2012 and still a bit shy, Lola knows how to show herself soft and wise…Step by step, she gets more and more confident in herself and her guide, who needs to remain soft and caring. Once she trusts you, she becomes very docile and loyal.

Rose-Lila "the courageous one"


Rosa-Lila, born in 2012. She has a lot of self-confidence and can be very determined toward the other donkeys. While hiking she is very quiet and curious.

Casimir Born in 2017, son of Rose-Lila.