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Le champ de Mars

Le champ de Mars is one of the highest points of the Ardèche. At an altitude of 1343 m. you will enjoy a wonderful view up to the Alpes and you will also discover a beautiful and preserved mountain vegetation. We are proposing two hiking tours in this unforgettable place.

We are proposing two hiking tours to this unforgettable place.

1. Mézilhac - Le champ de Mars - Mézilhac (12 km)

This is a quite easy hiking tour.

2. Mézilhac - Le champ de Mars – Col de 4 Vios - Mézilhac (14 km)

This hiking tour is more difficult, and adapted to more experienced hikers.

Departure and arrival

We bring the donkey to Mézilhac about 9 o’clock in the morning. We will explain you everything you need to know and we will provide you with a maps and a precise description of the tour. Between 3 and 7 pm we will come and pick up the donkey in Mézilhac.

Basic material

1. Hiking shoes and clothes (including a hat)

2. Sunscreen

3. First aid box

4. Picnic

5. Enough water for the whole day